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Audio Console Portal


Conference Management

Monitor and manage your audio call online in real-time.

Conference Control

Control all conference features including locking and unlocking the conference, muting and un-muting the line and dialing out to participants

Billing Control

Assign a billing code for your call

Conduct a Q & A

View which participants are in the question queue. Move or change the position of participants in the queue or delete them from the queue

Customer Service

Access Customer Service instantly using the Customer Service icon on the Moderator's Toolbar or by pressing to speak to a Conference Operator.

Audio Console Portal

As a TBG Conferencing call “moderator” or call “leader” you will be able to monitor and manage your reservationless call online and in real-time. The Audio Console provides you with a complete set of web based management tools for your audio conference call. Simply dial into the audio portion of your call using your Moderator Pin  then go to  on your computer to enter the Audio Console portal.

The Moderator's Toolbar in the Audio Console allows you to:

  • Lock/Unlock the audio call to prevent additional callers from joining
  • Mute/Unmute  participant lines allowing for a listen only conference where only the moderator is able to speak
  • Dial Out to a participant to join the conference
  • Record the conference. You can stop or pause your conference recording when needed and then resume recording when appropriate
  • Switch to data.  This allows you to access your web conference service

The Participant List portion of the Audio Console allows you to:

  • View a list of participants names
  • See when each participant entered and exited the call
  • Know which participant is speaking
  • See the type of phone being used
  • Place a participant on mute or hold.
  • Sub-Conference with a participant or disconnect a participant

Conducting a Q & A session using the Audio Console allows you to:

  • Place all participants in a listen-only mode
  • View which participant has a question and their order in the queue
  • Delete a participant from the queue
  • Move a participant to the end of the queue
  • Change the order of the participants in the queue
  • Clear the queue of all participants

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